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DVRGNT Ventures Associate Application

The Associate Role is an opportunity to provide professional development and hands-on learning in venture capital, with a focus on increasing diversity in the industry and providing access to careers in VC.

The role includes hands-on experience in VC investing, and the opportunity to add VC experience to one's resume.


- The Associate will also be responsible for sourcing new deals, performing diligence on -prospective investments, helping portfolio companies with various projects, participating in general firm PR, and tracking portfolio company performance metrics.
- The Associate will help to create presentations for investors and founders.
- The Associate will help with research to support the fund thesis.
- The Associate will help to manage the GP's meetings and schedule.
- The Associate will support firm events.


- A college degree is not necessary to qualify for this role
- Strong analytical, written, and communication skills are necessary
- Strong time management
- Great networking skills


The Associate will be compensated through participation in GP Carry and empowered to contribute to the venture capital ecosystem.

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How did you hear about this job?